Yoga for Men

Yoga For Men is an “improver-level” class for men who want to improve strength, muscle tone and flexibility.

For many men, yoga might seem to be the preserve of women – but it’s not the case at all!

Before yoga became popular in the West, it was almost exclusively practised by men. And for good reason – it has great benefits for men’s health and particularly for those who do sport.

Some of the world’s top athletes in football, rugby, cricket, tennis and swimming use yoga to complement their training, since it increases flexibility. Sportsmen such as Andy Murray, Ryan Giggs, Andrew Strauss and Mike Catt take regular classes and are leading the way for men to try out the yoga mat.

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Andy Roughton


4 September 2023
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Brighton Natural Health Centre
27 Regent Street

United Kingdom