CLASS SHOTWhat to expect from an Iyengar Yoga Class

Iyengar Yoga is suitable and beneficial for everyone. It is a non-competitive yet progressive practice which improves health in general.

It is precise, with an emphasis on correct, safe practice. Students follow a programme of postures which extend and align the body, with more difficult postures gradually being introduced. Classes are reasonably active but do not exhaust, rather they warm and awaken the body but calm and refresh the mind. Classes end with relaxation.

Iyengar teachers are trained to correct students and, if permitted, may make hands-on adjustments where needed.

For a first class, please bring a blanket and a non-slip mat (if possible). Dress for physical exercise – T-shirt and leggings or shorts. Avoid baggy clothes as these get in the way. Be prepared to work on bare feet and use simple yoga equipment.

Please contact your teacher with any health problems before attending a class.